Friday, October 14, 2011

Electric and Electronic Symbols

Electric Symbols
Before studying the electrical and electronic, the things we should know are electrical and electronic symbols to learn more easily, especially when reading circuits and electrical schematics and electronics in a system.

By using these symbols, schematics will be easily constructed and easily understood so that the assembly process would be much easier. Below are some symbols of electrical components and electronic components.

Usually a professional electrician will read electrical schematics before the installation process. Besides the application of electrical symbols and electronic symbols can help finding an error or fault during the repair time.

Simbol Kabel Cable Connection Connected wire (conductor)
Connected Symbol Connected Cable Connected
Connected Symbol Disconnected Cable Disconnected
Switch and Relays
Switch Symbol Toggle Switch SPST Disconnect when open
Switch Symbol Toggle Switch SPDT One on - one off
Switch Symbol Switch Push-Button (NO) Connect when the button is pushed
Switch Symbol Switch Push-Button (NC) Disconnect when the button is pushed
Switch Symbol DIP Switch Multiswitch
Switch Symbol Relay SPST Connection (Open and Close) by electromagnetic 
Switch Symbol Relay SPDT
Switch Symbol Jumper Connected by jumper
Switch Symbol Solder Bridge Connected by soldered
Ground (GND)
Ground Symbol Earth Ground Zero reference
Ground Symbol Chassis Ground Body (Chassis) Ground
Ground Symbol Common/ Digital Ground
Resistor Symbols
Resistor Symbol Resistor Resistor
Resistor Symbol Resistor
Variable Resistor Potensio Meter Variable Resistor
Variable Resistor Potensio Meter
Variable Resistor Variable Resistor Variable Resistor
Variable Resistor Variable Resistor
Condensator Symbols
Condensator Symbol Bipolar Condensator Condensator
Condensator Symbol Nonpolar Condensator
Condensator Symbol Bipolar Condensator Electrolytic Condensator (ELCO)
Condensator Symbol Bipolar Capacitor Electrolytic Condensator (ELCO)
Condensator Symbol Kapasitor Variable Condensator yang nilai kapasitansinya dapat diatur
Inductor Symbols
Induktor Symbol Inductor, spul, coil Generate electromagnetic
Induktor Symbol Induktor dengan inti besi Generate electromagnetic
Induktor Symbol Variable Inductor Variable Inductor
Power Supply
Power Symbol DC Source Generate DC Voltage Source
Power Symbol Current Source Menghasilkan sumber arus tetap
Power Symbol AC Source Generate AC Voltage Source
Power Symbol Generator Generate Electric Voltage
Battery Symbol Battery Generate DC Voltage
Battery Symbol Multicell Battery Generate DC Voltage
Regulator Variavle Source Voltage Voltage Source
Regulator Variable Current Source Current Source
Meter Symbols
Volt Meter Volt Meter Measure voltage 
Ampere Meter Ampere Meter Measure Current
Ohm Meter Ohm Meter Measure Resistance
Watt Meter Watt Metter Measure Electrical Power
Lamp Symbols
Lamp Symbol Lamp Produce light when electrified
Lamp Symbol Lamp
Lamp Symbol Lamp
Diode Symbols
Diode Symbol Diode Serves as a rectifier of electrical current that can flow in one direction (forward biased)
Diode Zener Zener Diode DC Voltage stabilizer
Diode Schottky Schottky Diode Diode with low drop voltage, typically found in logic ICs
Diode Varactor Varactor Diode Varactor
Diode Tunnel Tunnel Diode Tunnel Diode
LED LED (Light Emitting Diode) Produce light when electrified DC in one direction
Photo Diode Photo Diode Generate electric current when it gets light
Transistor Symbol
Transistor NPN Bipolar NPN Transitor The electrical current will flow (EC) when the base (B) given a positive
Transistor PNP Bipolar PNP Transistor The electrical current will flow (CE) when the base (B) were given negative
Transistor Darlington Darlington Transitor The combination of the two bipolar transistors to increase the reinforcement
Transistor JFET N JFET-N Transistor Field Effect Transistor N channel
Transistor JFET P JFET-P Transistor P channel Field Effect Transistor
Transistor NMOS NMOS Transistor N channel MOSFET transistor
Transistor PMOS PMOS Transistor P channel MOSFET transistor
Other Symbols
Electric Motor Motor Electric Motor
Transformer Transformer, Transformator Step-Up and Step-Down Voltage
Electric Bell Electric Bell Sounds when electrified
Buzzer Buzzer Producing sound as electrified buzz
Fuse Safety. Will disconnect when the current exceeds the capacity
Fuse Fuse
Bus Symbol Bus Consists of many lines of data or address lines
Bus Bus
Bus Bus
Opto Coupler Opto Coupler As with insulation between two different settings. Connected by light
Loud Speaker Speaker Transform electrical signals into sounds
Mic Mic, Microphone Change the voice signal into an electric current
Op-Amp Op-Amp, Operational Amplifier Amplifier input signal
Schmitt Trigger Schmitt Trigger Reduce noise
ADC ADC, Analog to Digital Change the analog signal into digital data
DAC DAC, Digital to Analog Converts the digital data into analog signals
Oscillator Crystal, Ocsilator Producing pulses
Antenna Symbols
Antenna Antenna Radio signal transmitters and receivers
Antenna Antenna
Antenna Dipole Antenna The combination of simple Antenna
Logic Symbols
NOT Gate NOT Gate The output will be the inverse input
AND Gate AND Gate Output will be 0 if one of input 0
NAND Gate NAND Gate The output will be 1 if one input 0
OR Gate OR Gate The output will be 1 if one input 1
NOR Gate NOR Gate Output will be 0 if one input 1
EX-OR Gate EX-OR Gate Output will be 0 if the input is equal
D-Flip-Flop D-Flip-Flop Can serve as data storage (memory)
Simbol Multiplexer Multiplexer 2 to 1 Selecting one of the input data to be sent to the output
Multiplexer Multiplexer 4 to 1
D-Multiplexer D-Multiplexer 1 to 4 Selecting the input data to be sent to one output